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The Downside of Church Success

There is a long-standing tendency to reduce the Christian faith to ethics. In Christology this shows up when we see Jesus primarily as┬áteacher. As a teacher – in fact The Great Teacher – Jesus gives us the information we need … Continue reading

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Secularism Makes for a Better Islam?

Sometimes when we westerners look at the world, particularly at chaos in and emanating from the so-called Muslim world, we suggest that they need more secularism. Islam, it is assumed, must be the problem. If they can manage to tone … Continue reading

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An Observation on Secularization Theory

At least as fat back as August Comte, secularization theory has claimed that the rise of reason would compel the decline of religion. The more society progressed in knowledge, understanding and technology, the more secularized society would become. We take … Continue reading

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