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The Downside of Church Success

There is a long-standing tendency to reduce the Christian faith to ethics. In Christology this shows up when we see Jesus primarily as teacher. As a teacher – in fact The Great Teacher – Jesus gives us the information we need … Continue reading

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Christian Politics

We’re in a season where American Christians are thinking about politics. Well, maybe not. Maybe it’s truer to say we’re in a season where the politics of the current American polarizations have colonized Christian minds. Candidates and their flunkies are assuring … Continue reading

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Dual Relationships

One of the books I finished last week was http://www.amazon.com/Emotionally-Healthy-Leader-Transforming-Transform/dp/0310494575/. You can read my review at NetGalley. Scazzero suggests that one of the practices that helps leaders be more healthy is to minimize “dual relationships.” While the term might not … Continue reading

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No Best Option?

One of the challenges of real life decision making is that the options before us might not include any ideal/right options. Some who are faced with cancer are given the option of (a) treatment that is incredibly painful and uncomfortable, … Continue reading

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Moral Toolkit

David Brooks, New York Times columnist and author of the recent book, The Road to Character, wrote a column today on the need to deal with the Big Question of the meaning of life. He opens with this question: Every reflective person … Continue reading

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Can We Be Good Without God?

The question of whether humans can be good without God comes up from time to time. Sometimes it arises as an accusation: “How can you Christians look at all the good people in the world, some of whom do not … Continue reading

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Discovering Your Real Self

We sometimes have the idea that our job in life is to discover our real self. This self exists independent of all our life experiences and the forces of society that intentionally and unintentionally make us over into something else. … Continue reading

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WDJD before WWJD

Several years ago, we had a WWJD craze. People in many quarters were asking, “What Would Jesus Do?” Not a bad question. The desire to do what Jesus would do in any particular situation, the choosing of Jesus as a … Continue reading

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The Reputed Power of “Raging Hormones”

I’ve heard it said of expressions of teenage sexual practice (as recently as this morning), that “When rational thought goes up against raging hormones, raging hormones win every time.” This claim is patently false. Doubtless raging hormones are powerful. We … Continue reading

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Two Cheers for Hypocrisy

We all know that hypocrisy is bad. When we proclaim a standard, we ought to live by that standard. Since our actions speak louder than our words, we need to bring our actions into line with the high moral standards … Continue reading

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