Depth of Sin

Big sin has been making the headlines lately.

Sinners have been hunting the girls lately. First it was the fellow in Colorado last week. Now it’s Mr. Roberts in Pennsylvania. The thought seems to be, “Let’s go torture some girls, kill as many as we can and then kill ourselves.”

Supposedly Mr. Roberts blames his activity on his sin of 20 years ago. His thought, “I abused some little girls twenty years ago, so now I need to go do it some more and then kill then to put them out of my misery.”

Mark Foley – a congressman – doesn’t hunt the girls. He hunts for boys. Using his exalted position in the House of Representatives he preys on teenagers. Today we learn that a “clergyman” made him do it. Well, at least he claims a clergyman did something to him when he was young, so now he does it to the people around him.

Jesus said, “The thief comes only to kill, steal and destroy. But I am come that they might have life, and that more abundant.”

I haven’t seen any BIG sin here in our church lately. Oh sure, it might be there but between my feeble powers of observation and our innate ability to crawl under rocks for some of our sin, I haven’t seen it.

But we have plenty of little stuff.

Have you ever seen what Paul said? “The wages of BIG sin is death.” Not quite. Plain old, everyday sin leads to death. Whether it’s the down and dirty brutality that makes the headlines, or the little, whiny, piddling things we do day in and day out, they all lead to death.

Sin bothers me. Fortunately, it’s not just other folk’s sin that bothers me. I want to live a life that attracts people to Jesus – not a life that gives someone another excuse to stay away. I know I still have a ways to go.

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