How Churches Ought to Think of Each Other

Here’s a comment from Tom Peters on how churches ought to think of each other. Except he’s not talking about churches. To put it briefly: if you lead a church it is a good thing for the other churches around you to do well also. Don’t get in their way. In fact, going beyond Peters to the bible, don’t even look at those other churches (even the 800 pound gorillas) as competitors. Look at them as teammates. Cheer them on. Look for ways to help them succeed. And do it even if they insist on thinking of you as a competitor.

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1 Response to How Churches Ought to Think of Each Other

  1. joan mazzu says:

    I say “yeay” about having an attitude of mutuality about other churches,
    our brothers and sisters. In the movie, A Beautiful Mind, the mathematician, who happened to be schizophrenic, put forth as his economic theory for which he gained world reknown, the idea that what is good for the group (as in group of competitors) is good for the individuals.
    To me, it is poetic that the verse “cast your bread upon the waters” -which I consider as equivalent to mutuality – is very near to the verse “put your eggs in more than one basket” which was , I understand , the basis for
    another award-winning economic theory, idea of mutual funds.
    I hope that didn’t sound too dry. If the info is incorrect, I’m sorry.

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