I live in Camp County, Texas. The World Headquarters of Pilgrim’s Pride Corporation is on the northern edge of the county. Lots of chickens live (and die) here.  Chickens are big business here. Pilgrims and the supporting industries are the major employers in the area.

There’s another kind of chicken. In modern English we say someone is chicken if they’re scared of something. Among kids at least, being called a chicken is a bad thing.

I’m a chicken living in the midst of chickens. There’s my confession.

As a pastor I’m torn between being the bold leader, fearlessly proclaiming God’s word, leading change in the church and being a “loving, kind person.” While the two are compatible in reality, I don’t see how you can do the first job and be seen as the latter in our culture. “Loving” means nice and non-confrontational.

I’m not a natural leader. My spiritual gifts are not in that area. My gifts are in teaching and preaching. The closest I get to a leadership gift is the gift of stubbornness.

Somehow, in spite of my lack of leadership gifts and talents, stuff happens. The church is growing. People are optimistic . Finances are up.

I guess maybe Paul was right. Weakness does have its advantages.

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2 Responses to Chicken

  1. Kurt Boemler says:

    Nobody in here but us chickens.

  2. joan says:

    Julia at my church is kind of diffident and offhanded when she talks.
    I realized the other day that she can maybe say more spiritually challenging things specifically because she is diffident and offhanded.

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