I’m noticing a lot of urgent things in my life lately.

It’s urgent that I have all the meetings and prepare all the reports for Charge Conference.

It’s urgent that we promise billions and billions to bail out the mistakes people have made in our economy.

It’s urgent that we send money, supplies and people to do Ike recovery.

Our major regional employer is in urgent times.

It’s urgent that we pay attention to the presidential election.

I’m sure there are other urgent items out there, but beyond more local issues, I just can’t remember them.

There are some who would say responding to all these urgent demands is Kingdom work. While responding to all these needs is good and can be an act of love, I am unwilling to reduce Kingdom work to hopping around like mad meeting needs.

So tell me – am I hard hearted – or maybe just tired?

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2 Responses to Urgent!

  1. David says:

    I seem to recall Jesus being told it was urgent that he go to care for a sick Lazarus, only to linger a little longer, and take his time on the road to arrive to a body that had been buried for 4 days. Surely, this could be an opportunity for God’s glory to be revealed, not in the urgent, but in the care for the aftermath of things done.

  2. rheyduck says:

    Good words David, thanks!

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