A Couple Random Thoughts

Facebook keeps asking me if I want to be a “fan of God.” If by “fan of God” it means “love God,” then I suppose being a “fan of God” is natural for a Christian. But put into a context of being a “fan” of just about everything, being a “fan of God” seems to trivialize God. Are any of you Facebook “fans of God?” What do you think about it?

With the advent of Johnny Depp’s new role as John Dillinger, he’s thinking about the role of Dillinger. A couple of weeks ago I read that Depp said something about maybe people need to stand up to authority today like Dillinger did in his day. I understand that there is a certain class of people who think standing up to authority is the thing to do. That class of people seems to be more often of Democratic than Republican persuasion. That’s why it amazes me that Depp would look at Dillinger standing up against authority (FDR’s administration) and suggest that people need to stand up similarly today (when again the Democrats rule both Congress and the Executive branch). Does that strike anyone else as odd?

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1 Response to A Couple Random Thoughts

  1. Yes, I’ve seen the “fan of God” page on Facebook… It seems something like a email that we’re supposed to keep forwarding along if we’re “not ashamed of Jesus” or the gospel or something…

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