What Do You Do?

Since January I have been on faculty at Wiley College in Marshall. About half my students are young black men. I worry for them, that some armed, fearful, paranoid white guy, will take out his fear on them.

What are my guys supposed to do? Stay in high school? Go to college? Work hard? That’s what society tells them to do. Is that enough – enough to do something as simple as expect to continue to live? Apparently not, if a fearful, paranoid, armed person crosses their path at the wrong time.

I’m praying for my guys. My heart is heavy. They have big dreams for life. They have great potential.  I’m going to do what I can to help them make it there.

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1 Response to What Do You Do?

  1. Mark Byron says:

    A armed, fearful and paranoid person is problematic regardless of their ethnic group; statistically, blacks have more to fear from other folks of African descent than they do of folks of European descent. The Trayvon Martin case that you’re likely riffing on is a one-shot deal (pun not initial intended) in comparison.

    There is a lot of angst about racial profiling and “driving while black” type issues in the wake of the Trayvon case, but the answer is to keep on keeping on rather than throw up your hands and giving up. That’s what you’re doing and what you need to do.

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