Sunday message

This past Sunday I began my message with a reference to the Jon Stewart interview on Crossfire. I offered to provide a link to watch this video, and have done so on my church’s website. You can either click the heading of this port to go straight to that page, or ckick to go to our website, choose “From the Pastor.” My sermon is also available there.

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2 Responses to Sunday message

  1. Guy says:

    hey Steve, is that the one when he told them to stop because they were destroying America? that was hilarious. I couldn’t believe I was watching it happen, and I know the hosts couldn’t believe they were experiencing it.

  2. Yeah, that’s the one. I was impressed at Stewart’s composure, and the seriousness of his message. I was embarrassed, particularly for Tucker Carlson, who was the epitome of defensiveness.

    I was already a fan of Jon Stewart…

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