THIS is what we’re fighting for?

American soldiers have been in Afghanistan for 4 years. We’ve disposed of the oppressive Taliban government. Or at least the “Taliban” label.

Now Abdul Rahman is on trial for his life. His crime? He converted to Christianity 16 years ago. we know what the Taliban would say. Mullah “Queen of Hearts” Omar would say, “Off with his head.” But now that the US has intervened and established a democratically elected government Judge “Queen of Hearts” Ansarullah Mawlavizada says, “Off with his head.” Surely your powers of discernment are great enough to see the difference.

Back in the olden days – really olden – Plato wrote against democracy. He’d seen it degenerate and lead to Athen’s destruction in the Peloponnesian Wars. He’d seen it restored just in time to kill his teacher Socrates. In Plato’s assessment, in a democracy the appetites/desires of the masses went unchecked by any conception of the good. But at least they got to vote on it.

Now we have a US installed government in Afghanistan putting people on trial for converting to Christianity. How can we Americans protest? We got what we wanted – a democratic government.

We also now have a democratically elected government in Palestine. Surely they won’t kill Christians will they? (Maybe they’ll only kill Jews. – Think Martin Niemoller though). We’re also installing a democratically elected government in Iraq. How will they handle Christians? Both Iraq and Afghanistan claim in their constitutions that nothing is allowed that contradicts Islam. If killing Christians is allowed under that standard in Afghanistan, how long until it’s allowed in Iraq?

But then Mr. Rahman’s crime is greater than just being a Christian. He converted from Islam to become one.

And this is what our people are giving their lives for? This is what we’re spending billions of dollars for? Sure looks like a case of caveat emptor to me.

To see the details on the story you can check:
Fox News
Middle East Times

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3 Responses to THIS is what we’re fighting for?

  1. Guy says:

    A good book on the subject of spreading democracy is Fareed Zakaria’s “The Future of Freedom”. He deals with the problems of current thinking and strategy that simply says: “Put in a democratically elected government and everything should work out fine.”

  2. Dude, like so many times before, you’ve said something I wanted to say but said it

    1) much better than I would have
    2) far less offensively than I would have.

    Keep it up, man!

  3. Is this a case of “you stopped preaching and went to meddling”?

    Thanks for the update. It’s amazing that so many did not see this coming.

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