The United States is out of the World Baseball Classic. Did we make it further in the WBC than we did in Olympic hockey last month?

Well, at least hockey isn’t an all-American, born and read here sport. So what abotu Basketball? Our guys couldn’t manage any better than the bronze medal.

Baseball and basketball are AMERICAN sports. Abner Doubleday and James Naismith are ours, and the games both orignated here.

I am sure many Americans are looking at this latest loss on the world field of sport as a sign that our glorious nation isn’t what it should be. (I hope there doesn’t develop a loud cry that we pour more money into baseball and basketball)

I’ve got another way to look at it. Though baseball and basketball were both born in the US, we’ve done a fantastic job of exporting both sports. We’ve done so well, in fact, we don’t even dominate international competition. Success is ours!

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  1. Guy says:


    Seriously, it makes our proclamations of “world champions” when clubs win in our leagues even more ostentatious than they already were, doesn’t it?

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