Review of Quartz Mountain Resort

For our family Thanksgiving gathering this year we met up at Quartz Mountain Resort Park on Lake Altus in western Oklahoma. None of us had ever been there before, but considering we were traveling from East Texas, Central Texas, the DFW area and NW New Mexico, it provided somewhat of a compromise.

Our family stayed in the 3 bedroom cabin, my parents and youngest brother & his wife (and dogs) in a 2 bedroom cabin, and my other brother’s family in the lodge. The cabins were described as “rustic” – that means that haven’t been renovated recently. They worked just fine for us and were nicely furnished. The 3 bedroom cabin had a full kitchen so we were able to prepare our own meals – including Thanksgiving Dinner. Our cabin could have easily accommodated several more people. If the weather were warmer, one could even sleep out on the screened porch.

The lodge was much newer. I didn’t see much of the interior, but it looked quite nice. Unlike the cabins, it had TVs in the rooms – and had no nearby parking. The parking lot was closer to the main building and people were getting luggage carts or just hefting their stuff to their rooms. All the staff people I encountered were friendly and helpful.

The staff described the pool as indoor-outdoor. Since it was cold during our visit, the garage-door-like windows along both sides were closed. I suppose in warmer weather they open it all up.

We only ate at the restaurant on Wednesday night, so I can’t report much about it. They were very slow in seating us. More than a problem of seating a group of 12, I think they were severely short of staff. We observed a long table (the one they eventually put us) sitting unbussed for at least 20 minutes. My wife and I shared the Blackened Chicken and Pasta in Spicy Alfredo Sauce. It was very tasty, but it’s a good thing we shared. Other than my mother’s French Onion Soup coming out cold, all reported their food good.

For me, beyond seeing family, the highlight was hiking up to the top of the mountain (a small granite hill, to be more precise – maybe 500-600 feet up). I wish I had one of those in my back yard. I know I’d be in better shape. The trail we took was fairly strenuous, but was easily doable by my 9 year old daughter. The one downside of hiking around so much was seeing all the refuse people had dropped on their treks. Soda and beer cans seemed to be in almost every crevice on the mountain. I wish we’d brought a garbage sack with us.

I’ve posted some photos at if you’d like to get an idea what the place looks like.

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