Are we the enemy?

Our Final Night in Nashville for the NYWC. Heard a group called Lost and Found tonight. They are a band that is funny, edgy, witty, and, did I mention musical.

They mentioned that they have been together for 14 years and for that time have been flying under the radar of “the christian music industrial complex.” I laughed. Many missed it.

Are we at such a place in history that even something like Christian Music is eaten up with power grabs, manipulation, and unfair practices? I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised. Most “Christian” recording labels are owned by “secular” companies, so on what basis could one expect them to be run any differently than their parent companies.

After all, American Christians have plenty of money, and they (we) seem to like our music.

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2 Responses to Are we the enemy?

  1. John says:

    Perhaps we should take a more utilitarian understanding of Christian music — as a tool not necessarily sanctified. Sort of like the companies who build sanctuaries and other church buildings might not be Christian, but we use them nonetheless.

  2. Betty Newman says:

    Our younger son is a student at UT and is a Jazz major. He eats, sleeps, and drinks music. (7 out of 9 classes are music this semester, and 8 out of 9 will be next semester!)

    Anyway, I sent him this link. He is always complaining that “Christian” music “sucks”. He keeps saying, “Why does all the great music have to come from non-Christians?”

    The only notable difference (that we can know about) is the “Trans-Siberian Orchestra” To describe them – think: “Metallica telling a Christmas Story” And what a story – man, I cried through the whole show and I already knew the story!

    Paul O’Neil (Jesus Christ Superstar) is the creater of this “Rock Opera.” And Man! Is it ever good!

    Anyway, remember the name “Johnny Newman” as I’m sure you will hear it someday… check out his music although he hasn’t had much time to work on it since he started college, there’s still some good stuff – and all created while a senior in high school!


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