Who’da Thunk it?

The Rolling Stones have been signed to play halftime of the upcoming Super Bowl. It reminds me of the time I recognized “Hotel California” playing on Muzak at a funeral home.

While I am not old enough to remember it well, I know that rock and roll was once-upon-a-time counter-cultural. The “establishment” didn’t like it. Adults opined aloud that western civilization was coming apart at the seams at the sound of electrical music.

I have seen the photographs. Men used to almost always wear ties and fedoras when out in public. Women always wore dresses that actually covered their bodies, and often wore hats and gloves, too. You know, the “Leave-it-to-Beaver” world that Pat Robertson and Jerry Falwell seem to want us to go back to? When The Government and Big Corporation America ran things and all was well with the white-washed world?

Those days are apparently gone as once edgy rock and roll is now safe for the Super Bowl halftime.

Let’s face it; following the Janet Jackson/Justin Timberlake debacle of 2003, the NFL is not going to take a chance at offending everyone again. No; these days Super Bowl is the epitome of family entertainment. It has got to be safe for everyone.

The Rolling Stones are safe. Who’da thunk it 40 years ago?

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2 Responses to Who’da Thunk it?

  1. Richard H says:

    I suppose their being senior citizens now might help.

  2. John says:

    I have noticed that two generations ago, it was common for men to wear suits everywhere. Thank Frith that nasty trend came to an end.

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