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Immune Systems, Individual and Social

I listened to Russ Robert’s interview with Moises Valsquez-Manoff (on Econtalk) yesterday on my drive to pick up my daughter. The conversation was about recent studies showing the role increased hygiene plays in the rise of allergies and auto-immune diseases. … Continue reading

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In or Out?

Living organisms and organizations have boundaries. There is always some sort of line demarcating X from not-X. Some of these markers are positive, some negative. This is an unpopular reality for some. We shout “No boundaries!” as if everything flowed … Continue reading

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Praying for Egypt

Is your heart broken for Egypt yet? After a generation of authoritarian misrule the Arab Spring gave so many hope for a better future. Not able to agree on what that “better future” looked like – a return to the … Continue reading

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Maintaining Your Constituency?

What would we think of doctors who work to keep people sick so that the doctors’ services are required? What would we think of auto mechanics who sabotaged vehicles to ensure more business? What would we think of politicians who … Continue reading

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What About MOOCs?

Academia is being shaken to its foundations. There’s the funding crisis: College costs have outpaced inflation for a generation now, and the states and the feds are beginning to grumble. Right next door is the debt crisis: students are graduating … Continue reading

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Which One?

I’ve seen various claims that we need to “Put God back in the Whitehouse.” The context of these claims indicates a few assumptions: God is not now in the Whitehouse. Whether or not God is in the Whitehouse is within … Continue reading

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Political Unconvictions

Unlike many I encounter, I seem to have at least as many political unconvictions as I have convictions. Here are some of my current unconvictions: I am unconvinced that people who disagree with me are stupid and/or evil. Sure, they’re … Continue reading

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I’ve seen this claim several times, as part of an apologetic for same-sex marriage. Marriage is a civil ceremony. Because it is a civil ceremony, it is a civil right. I don’t get it. The hidden premise, “All civil ceremonies … Continue reading

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Original Sin

Though ostensibly a theological doctrine, original sin has been secularized at least since the time of Thomas Hobbes. (David Brook’s recent column is not too far afield.) Hobbes described the original and natural state of humans as the “war of … Continue reading

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What Counts as a Person?

In the past year or so there has been an uproar about corporations being treated as persons. Continuing my review of Bobbitt’s Shield of Achilles tonight, I find this thesis (p. 365): The society of nation-states developed a constitution that … Continue reading

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