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Jesus and Culture

Yeah, I know; given the title of this post I could write just about anything. I’m only going to touch on one aspect here. Sometimes we complain about how biblical scholars give us a Jesus who looks nothing like us, … Continue reading

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In or Out?

Living organisms and organizations have boundaries. There is always some sort of line demarcating X from not-X. Some of these markers are positive, some negative. This is an unpopular reality for some. We shout “No boundaries!” as if everything flowed … Continue reading

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(Higher) Educational Lament

Now that I’ve been teaching for a couple of years, I see a few things over which I lament. One thing I’ve lamented since my own college days (in the early 1980s) is the high rate of inflation in higher … Continue reading

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More or Less?

One of the books I’m reading now is William Cavanaugh’s Being Consumed. In his discussion of consumerism he writes: What really characterizes consumer culture is not attachment to things but detachment. People do not hoard money; they spend it. People … Continue reading

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Great Devaluation?

I could be all wrong, but… We’ve been raised to call that socio-economic event of the 1930s the “Great Depression.” So what do we call our recent (current) socio-economic event? It’s clearly not been as bad as the “Great Depression.” … Continue reading

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What About MOOCs?

Academia is being shaken to its foundations. There’s the funding crisis: College costs have outpaced inflation for a generation now, and the states and the feds are beginning to grumble. Right next door is the debt crisis: students are graduating … Continue reading

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Capitalism and Epistemology

Inasmuch as markets exist to provide knowledge (what I/we should do with regard to the resources at our disposal or over which we have influence) modern capitalism is a reductionism parallel to centrality of epistemology in modern philosophy (the requirement … Continue reading

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What to do?

Robert Fritz wrote long ago about what he calls “structural tension” (sometimes called “creative tension”). I find the concept very useful and easily illustrated. Creative tension has two parts. First, there’s the vision of the future you want. This is … Continue reading

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Adjustment Bureau

When The Adjustment Bureau first came out, I added it my list of movies to see someday. I finally had my opportunity today (I know, I know, I’m way behind the times). It would be a good film to show … Continue reading

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Ed Stetzer’s Subversive Kingdom

The best thing about Ed Stetzer’s Subversive Kingdom is that it’s true. First, it’s true that Jesus has inaugurated the kingdom and that the kingdom has not yet eradicated all the competitors. Second, it’s true that the best way for … Continue reading

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