Milwaukee, we have a problem

Major League Baseball needs a real Commissioner. Not just an owner of one of the teams who is willing to make an appearance at it. The fact that the Milwaukee Brewers are not in the World series proves this point.

Though the Brewers are not in the World Series apparently hasn’t occurred to “Commissioner” and Brewers owner Bud Selig.

Minute Maid Park, the homefield of the Houston Astros, was built with a retractable roof. Selig’s office determined that the roof would be open for the World Series games to be played in Houston this week.

Was it Selig’s call? According to the rules of MLB, yes. But was Selig in a position to make the call? I don’t think so.

Commenting on his decision about the roof, Selif said, “We’ve studied weather, winds, we’ve studied humidity. There isn’t a cloud within 800 miles of here. In Milwaukee, you don’t get a day like this until July Fourth.”

I’ve got news for you, Mr. Selig: this game wasn’t played in Milwaukee. This game was played in Houston.

The Houston Astros ought to be able to configure their stadium as they see fit.

After all, the Milwaukee Brewers aren’t in the World Series.

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1 Response to Milwaukee, we have a problem

  1. Richard H says:

    It’s nice to have someone to complain about, but face it: the Astros just didn’t hit the ball. Morgan Ensberg forgot how to hit. Many of the others kept striking out with runners in scoring position. Brandon Backe turned in a great performance but got no run support (sounds like Roger Clemens earlier in the year). I remember seeing Backe in a game back in April. He was HORRIBLE. He’s improved way beyond what I expected.

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