Domesticate This!

I went to Baylor’s home opener last Saturday, at which Baylor held on to claim their first victory of the year, defeating Texas State 24-17. That’s all the football I intend to write about here. I want to tell you about halftime.

Bands from both schools played. First, Texas State’s band played selections from Boston, a 1970’s rock group. Then, the Golden Wave Marching Band took the field and played music from Aerosmith. Though they are still fairly popular, Aeromsith is another 1970’s rock band. When I got home I told my 15 year old daughter that she could expect to hear college marching bands playing Eminem when she is 40.

I couldn’t help but chuckle and wonder if either band would have imagined 30 years ago that their music would someday be played by college marching bands as a halftime show for football games. My guess is no, they would not.

Rock wasn’t about halftime shows; it was about rebellion. The very volume of it screamed that! The artists wore their hair long and dressed in non-conforming ways. Some were militantly political, even anti-american, and mixed such views into their music.

Our society, however, has a tendency to domesticate almost anything. What was cutting-edge or even counter-cultural twenty years ago may be mainstream or even boring next year.
Have you noticed how “family” television stations merely bring back shows from at least twenty years ago and plug them as “family-friendly?” Some of these shows, at the time of their original release, were certainly not heralded as wholesome shows. By comparison with the current offerings, though, they are tame.

Christians, we too have to fight such a trend toward domestication in our own lives. Forces in society work toward making all of us the same. Everything anyone says is merely an opinion, and everyone is entitles to his or her opinion. “Religion” is relegated to the private, and everyone is free to believe whatever he or she wants to believe, but we are not to act according to our beliefs, unless they lead us to act the same way everyone else does.

Be careful you are not being domesticated by society.

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