New Methodist bishop envisions church growth –

New Methodist bishop envisions church growth –

It sounds like Bishop Bickerton has a good record of growing churches. Should be good for Western Pennsylvania. One thing he says makes me wonder:

“Generally speaking, the United Methodist Church is an old denomination,” Bickerton said. “We have to work to find ways to be relevant today.”

Is he saying talking about (a) the fact the church was started in 1784; (b) the fact that our churches are full of older people with the average age of members going up every year? My guess is (b). I’m not sure how relevance connects with this. One could argue that we are being relevant – to old people. Nothing wrong with that. In fact, there are pleny of unchurched old people around that the church can be reaching. Or is he suggesting that we need to be relevant to younger generations?

I can’t help but think that if we’re obedient to God we’ll be relevant to the people around us. Of course, they still need the grace of God to recognize the church’s relevance.

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