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Why College?

When a person chooses to go to college, what does that person take herself to be seeking? What is the expected outcome of the (usual) four years of time, work and expense? The first answer many in our culture offer … Continue reading

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Decline of Authoritarianism? Not where I look

Martin Thomas writes in The Guardian about the shift from authoritarian to a more horizontal and collaborative style in business. He sees this as a shift from a Platonic to an Aristotelian approach. It may be happening in business, but … Continue reading

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Church and Seminary

There’s a discussion about the  “Future of Seminary Education” going on at Patheos. One of the responses to a post by Fred Schmidt led me to make a comment. It ran a bit long, so I thought I’d post it … Continue reading

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Being Human

Once upon a time it was common to differentiate humans from the rest of creation by calling us “rational animals.” Animals differ from plants, minerals, fungi, bacteria, machines, etc., and in important ways our human differences are differences we share … Continue reading

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Dissenting from Mr. Locke

Though he wrote over three hundred years ago, John Locke’s writing on toleration, and the relationship between church and state is still of great relevance in our culture. Consider this article on proposed legislation (from the executive branch – only … Continue reading

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Public School & Public Health Care

My brother asks (well, actually he’s passing on Rachel’s question), “Why are people so in favor of public education yet opposed to public health care?” Here are my comments. To the degree that this is the case, I think it’s … Continue reading

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Another, older, NCLB

Charles Taylor (in A Secular Age) considers the depth of Reform in the middle ages to be much greater than the line from Wycliffe, to Huss, to Luther and beyond, connecting it to the rise of the modern preoccupation with … Continue reading

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The Price of Success?

Is it our national ECDD program (“Every Child Dumbed Down,” more commonly known as “No Child Left Behind”) that has warped our children to equate success with getting the right answers on a test? Or did the attitude precede that … Continue reading

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Beware Doctors in Church

There is a common assumption that those who have earned a doctoral degree are smarter than those who haven’t. This assumption is most unfortunate when it is held by those of us who have earned doctorates. As they exist today, … Continue reading

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We watched Akeelah and the Bee for family movie night tonight. It was a good story. On one level it was depressing: we (society and our schools) expect so little of our kids when they are capable of so much. … Continue reading

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