Atheism in the Church

The Christian church in America has enough of a problem with practical atheism, the phenomenon of saying we believe in God while living as if there is no God.

We also have a problem with clergy who have invested piles of money and years of their lives (sometimes decades) preparing for professional ministry, who come to a place where they discover they no longer believe. As to their career, they have huge sunk costs. They need to make a living and support their families. So they put on the act, and continue fulfilling the professional aspects of ministry, pretending the faith.

Now we have openly professing atheist pastors who not only take umbrage at the suggestion that their atheism could in any way disqualify them for ministry, but even seek to spread their “gospel.”

In an interview, Toronto pastor Gretta Vosper, after identifying herself as a non-believer in God, answers a question about her alternatives:

Wouldn’t an atheistic community be a better fit for you?
No. I want the United Church to accept that the Bible is not the authoritative word of God and that God is not where moral authority resides, and to recognize the innumerable divisions religion has created across millennia.

It sure looks like Rev. Vosper is wanting her denomination to support her effort to transform the church into her own image and likeness. Sounds like a sure way to kill a church.


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  1. Eliza says:

    Evil always make evil demands.

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