Political Unconvictions

Unlike many I encounter, I seem to have at least as many political unconvictions as I have convictions. Here are some of my current unconvictions:

I am unconvinced that people who disagree with me are stupid and/or evil. Sure, they’re wrong, but a person can be wrong without being stupid or evil. Some may be wondering how I can say that people who disagree with me are wrong. It’s straightforward. If I believe X and someone believes not-X (what it means to disagree with me), then as long as I believe X I have to believe that believers in not-X are wrong. It’s not really a big deal; I know they are within their logical rights to say that I’m wrong. Wrong people can be motivated by what they take to be the good; they can also be way smarter than I am. If you want to think the other guys are stupid & evil, go ahead. I don’t think it will do you or them any good, though.

I am unconvinced, more specifically, that either of our major party presidential candidates are evil and out to destroy our country. I know many claims are made to this effect, but I find them all incredible.

I am unconvinced that raising taxes on the rich will save our economy and adequately fund our government.

I am unconvinced that raising taxes on the rich will ruin our economy and invigorate class warfare.

I am unconvinced that “Obamacare” will (a) extend quality, affordable healthcare to significantly more people than our current system, and (b) be affordable in the long run.

I am unconvinced that “Obamacare” will be the ruin of our healthcare system.

These last two unconvictions show my ignorance. I simply don’t know what the solution to the brokenness in our health care system is. As one who has had to shop for insurance on the open market, I know it is unaffordable for many people. I also know that even the most basic treatments and procedures cost such huge piles of money that insurance is a necessity. I give the president credit for trying something. At the same time I am dubious that such a massive bill that no one understands will work. So I’m praying and hoping it will work well.

I am unconvinced that we can be the world’s policeman. Maybe after Iraq and Afghanistan we’ve finally learned that lesson. But then there’s Libya. We’ll see.

I am unconvinced that most people are stupid and helpless and need an ever-expanding, intrusive and powerful government to take care of them.

I am unconvinced that we, through the power of wise policy and law, can make people do the right thing.

What are some of your political unconvictions?

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1 Response to Political Unconvictions

  1. Julia Robb says:

    Excellent blog Richard. I agree with you. But even if I didn’t, I would accept you’re a good man. Bless you. Julia

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