New Mission Field

In case you haven’t heard, I am entering a new mission field in January. At that time I will join the faculty of Wiley College, a United Methodist school in Marshall, full time.

Many have asked, “Why are you quitting the ministry?” I’m NOT quitting the ministry. I’m moving from having my primary mission the leadership of a congregation to having my primary mission the education, discipleship and evangelism of college students.

In making this change I’m following a call I received back when I was in college. In those days I saw many of my fellow students arrive on campus as professing Christians and leave as… nothing. Or maybe hedonists. It was in the context of having my heart broken for my fellow students that I heard the call to prepare myself so I could serve as a consistent, credible and compelling witness for Christ on a college campus.

Wiley College evidences a desire to be a Christian school. Among the United Methodist schools with which I’m familiar, this is a rare desire. More common is a desire to be “excellent.” Excellence is great – I’d rather be excellent than not. But excellent by what standard? Excellent in terms of which vision?

I’d appreciate your prayer support as my family and I make this transition. Also, pray for my congregation here in Pittsburg. After eight and half years it’s hard to leave them. The cabinet is even now at this late date still looking for my successor, so prayer is clearly in order.

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  1. joan says:

    congrats, and i’ll pray for you and the family and the pittsburg congregation. i think it will be great for you to carry to the next generation what God needs carried from the past. i think it will be great for you to share with the faculty and students what you know of God and for others to share with you. Godspeed.

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