Thanks! – Children don’t remember ever giving any thought to having children while I was growing up. But when Christi and I got married there was no doubt that we planned to have children.

But which ones? There are so many models available these days, with new ones coming out every day!

Two of our children are out of high school now, and another will soon be there. I hope I’ve been good for my children. I know they’ve been good for me.

I think the main thing I’ve learned from my kids is to loosen up with my sense of humor. Their presence in the family has really opened my up. I’m sure I wouldn’t be half the pastor and teacher I am, were it not for my children. They’ve taught me many lessons in communication (unintentionally), though I’m afraid I embarrass them from time to time when we’re out in public. But I tell them that’s part of a parent’s job description.

My children are a great blessing to me. I pray that God will bless them, direct them in His ways, and employ them for Kingdom purposes from now and into Eternity.

Thanks, Kids!

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