Getting Christmas

Our local school has kids write letters to Santa each year. Most of them end up submitted for inclusion in the local paper. One written by one of our church kids didn’t make the cut. Here it is:

Dear Santa
I like to help people on Christmas . It is fun and I think it is nice to do stuff for people who don’t have anything. I want two presents for Christmas a American girl and a puppy will you bring the rest of my presents to someone who doesn’t  get anything.
Love Gracie
Gracie’s mother leads our church’s mission outreach. Her desire to “do stuff for people who don’t have anything” is what her parents have taught her, not just by word, but by example. She’s already learned that “it’s more blessed to give than to receive.”
Gracie’s not from a rich family, one of those that has piles of stuff and an infinite supply of money. Her dad’s currently unemployed and looking for a job. But because she loves Jesus, she loves people, regardless of her own need.
Way to go, Gracie!
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1 Response to Getting Christmas

  1. carrie says:

    Gracie is very proud to be in your Blog!! I am very proud to have a house full of giving children. Thanks Richard!!

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