A Happy Memory: One Sunday about 14 years ago my son did the children’s message for the church service. Well, it was sort of a reverse children’s message. In a normal children’s message an adult gets up and tells the children a story. In this case it was a child – five year old – telling the story. He got up and told the story of the book of Jonah. He did a great job. I was really proud of him.

A Sad Memory: After the service that Sunday the church members were telling me what a great job my son did. One of them told me, “He knows the bible so well. He knows it even better than I do!”

I was happy that my five year old son knew the bible well. I was sad that someone who had been in church for at least five decades didn’t know as much as a five year old. What have we been teaching all these years? How have we been teaching our people?

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  1. Kurt says:

    Sadly, I wonder the same thing.

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