We Didn’t Make It

It happened yet again – we didn’t make the list of America’s 50 Most Influential Churches.  Tim Stevens, on staff at one of the churches that did make the list, isn’t very excited. He thinks it’s mostly irrelevant. He says,

I’m concerned about getting our eye off the ball. The goal is not to move higher on a certain list. The goal is not to edge out another church. The goal is to be effective in helping people take their next step toward Christ. The goal is to make disciples.

I like his attitude.

From what I’ve seen, most churches have gotten their “eye off the ball.”  Most live as if church is about taking care of members.  If “taking care of members” means winning them to Christ, helping them walk as faithful disciples, and taking up God’s Kingdom agenda for themselves, then it’s the right way to go.

I have a list of churches and leaders I learn from.  Some are on the list of 50, some aren’t. I want to learn from the people and churches who are reaching people for Jesus.

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1 Response to We Didn’t Make It

  1. joan in houston says:

    how about sharing your list of 50 ( or other) please?
    list is fine. no grammar necessary.

    also, i recently heard Myles Munroe teaching emphasizing what the
    kingdom of God and/or the kingdom of heaven should be like and
    how it can help us be what God wants us to be by learning what Jesus
    said about it ( and old testament).
    Could you, perhaps comment on his current teachings?

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