A New Career Path – Let’s get fired!

Seth Godin reports:

Today, Bob Nardelli, their [Home Depot] CEO, got fired.

He probably got fired for insulting his investors (his annual meeting will go down in history) and for alienating employees and customers. He appeared to go out of his way to annoy customers, especially. There are very few companies that don’t even bother to write back if you write to the CEO.

Here’s the thing. In addition to getting fired, Bob got two hundred and ten million dollars in severance. (Try this: $210,000,000.00)

I wonder when colleges will start offering a major in “getting fired.” I never knew it was so profitable. I’ve been raised to think it was best to work hard and keep your job, not alienate your bosses and customers so they’ll fire you. I confess that I’ve never seen a fired pastor or church staff person paid near that much.
Of course if we’re thinking about schooling, we might want to think about the company directors that hire someone and then pay him 210 million to go away.

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