Selling Jesus

I remember listening to Keith Green back in the early 80s. In those days I thought he was a better speaker than singer, though it was the latter he was best known for. I remember hearing him inveigh against “Jesus Junk,” the sentimental mementos we fill our homes with. Well, Nathanael Blake seems to be on the same page as Green. Here are his final comments:

Treating Christianity as an industry, a business with a profit margin, has corrupted the church, and the crowning achievements of the CMI are at the core of the refuse pile. It’s time to end the token preaching to the choir, the coded religious messages, and the charging of money for events that supposedly exist to preach the gospel.

Get out. Those who want to create worship and devotional music, go back to where you belong, which isn’t arenas, festivals, and clubs, but churches. The rest of you, go out into the world; claiming Christianity and presenting Christian messages in your songs won’t prevent you from succeeding…if you have the necessary musical ability (U2, anyone?).

Quit pretending that Christianity is a brand name, because there will be Hell to pay for it, in the most literal sense. If Christianity is true, then there are lost souls dying and going to Hell all around us, while the church sits and sells Jesus to itself.

Go read the whole thing. I’m happy there are still some young trouble makers out there.

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1 Response to Selling Jesus

  1. Guy says:

    Wow. He just starting laying into the Christian Music Industry and didn’t stop.

    This brings to mind a practice I have a serious problem with, even though I like worship that incorporates modern music and instrumentation: “worship concerts.” There are big bands whose music I enjoy (like Third Day) who do this, but there’s something very wrong with selling tickets to an event and then claiming that we’ve all come together to worship God. Wrong. We all bought an experience courtesy the band that is playing. It reminds me in some ways of the old practice of selling pews that got us Methodists into trouble earlier in our history.

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