What’s the difference?

I spent seven hours today at the hospital with a family from my church. I just got home, and can report that all went well.

A few of us went to a late lunch while the family waited on the next doctor’s visit. As one enters the cafeteria area, the first thing one sees is the large, centrally located Krispy Kreme case. Which made me wonder:

What’s the difference, say, between a hospital cafeteria having a Krispy Kreme dispenser and a church having a bar?

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6 Responses to What’s the difference?

  1. Scott McKay says:

    Good question. I wondered the same thing everytime I walked by the McDonalds at Texas Children’s/St. Lukes Hospitals. But wondering never stopped me from getting a quarter pounder with cheese after making rounds in the cardiac unit.

  2. Guy says:

    moderation my good man, moderation.

  3. Guy,

    Are you saying moderation is the difference? Or is it a more moderate move for a hospital to hawk Krispy Kremes than for a church to stock a bar?

    BTW, I’m not suggesting that churches ought to have bars. I do, though, wonder why it is that hospitals easily justify selling artery-cloggers, but we Christians generally assume that the thought of a bar necesarily implies drunkeness.

  4. Scott, my brother Richard recalls the same McDonald’s. I guess I never made a call at St. Lukes, or I might remember the place.

  5. Guy says:

    oh, I was just thinking moderation in drink and in donuts…though a really nice, vintate donut does make it hard to hold back. 😉

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