Olympic Mess?

Bode Miller is really unnerving some people. I was listening to talk radio this morning, as I often do, and caught the latest version of what I’ve been hearing snippets of for at least a week.

Bode Miller, an apparently pre-eminent skier for the U.S. Olympic team, talked in an interview about what skiing is like when he has been smoking pot. Allegedly, he was out drinking so late the night before one of his Olympic competitions it impeded his abilities on the slopes.

The host of the talk radio show was incensed that Mr. Miller doesn’t take seriously the way he is representing the United States.

In an article in the Boston Herald today, Miller claims he could walk away from the sport any time. Apparently the lust for gold and fame has come and gone.

Miller makes some good points about how we have blown the importance of sport and of athletes in our society. I agree totally.

Disenfranchisement with the status quo does not excuse his behavior. If Bode Miller didn’t intend to compete at the Olympics, perhaps he should have let someone else have his spot.

Would the “next best” have quenched our nationalist thirst for gold, or would we then be condemning Bode Miller for not being dedicated to his country.

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1 Response to Olympic Mess?

  1. I don’t know much about Bode Miller. But from what I’ve heard on sports radio, I sense that he’s showing the world that what most of them believe about Americans is true. Most of the world supposedly has a poor view of us already. And he’s just adding to that view.

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