Maybe it is just me….

If I am in my car in the evening, I often listen to Tony Snow on the radio. Last night was just such a night. Like many other “conservative” talk radio shows, the topic was the “spying on us” scandal that has pervaded the news lately. Mr. Snow said something to the effect that he had no problem with the President doing whatever he had to do to protect us from Terror.


I find it ironic that alleged “conservatives” are perfectly willing to cede President Bush free reign on domestic eavesdropping in the name of national security. It is ironic because whenever a “liberal” brings up the slightest infringement on, say, gun control, there is a cacophonous cry from talk radio throwing up Ben Franklin’s “Those who would sacrifice freedom for security deserve neither”

Or is it okay to sacrifice freedom when “your guy” is in the White House?

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2 Responses to Maybe it is just me….

  1. Richard H says:

    My guess is that the ultimate goal for most in politics isn’t freedom – it’s winning. As for doing “whatever it takes to defeat terror”, that sounds more like a rhetorical position than an argument.

    Personally I’m not bothered by the eavesdropping. I’m afraid they’ll be bored to tears if they listen to my conversations. But them I’m not terribly bothered by some gun control either. The root element in it all is FEAR.

    “Please protect us from the terrorists – I’m afraid!”
    “Please keep out of our conversations – I’m afraid what you might hear!”
    “PLease regulate the gun supply – I’m afraid someone might shoot me!”
    “Please let me have a gun – I’m afraid a bad guy will come after me and I’ll need to be able to shoot him.”

  2. Guy says:

    Well, the Republicans seem to be answering, “yes.”

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