Sit down and try to imagine this: network television is about to misrepresent the Christian faith!

I know it is hard to believe, but let it sink in for a moment. As if many of our denominations are not scandal and corruption riden enough, now NBC is piling on with the new series “The Book of Daniel.”

The American Family Association is so concerned they want us to email NBC and contact our local affiliates. The AFA would like us all to join them in telling NBC that this show is not what we consider a favorable presentation of Jesus or the Christian faith.

While I see their (the AFA’s) point, and am deeply saddened by such a portrayal, I am even more saddened by the truth that we as an allegedly Christian Church have given the world so much fodder for shows like this!

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1 Response to SCANDAL!

  1. Don Emery says:

    The AFA and or Donald Wildmon can be offended by far less inoccuous things than The Book Of Daniel. I’m assuming they had early viewing priviledges since the first showing was on Jan. 6th and their work was well underway prior.
    A quick Google search will find a long list of Wildmon exaspirations.
    He is without question on intimate terms with certainty as well as censorship. You don’t have to disagree with him to recognize a social and religious martinet.

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