Is “Gen-X” really rising?

Andrew Thompson has a bone to pick with the megachurches that cancelled services on Christmas Day this year. To be fair to Rev. Thompson, he is not alone. Much of the mainline media and many in the mainline denominations have really stressed over this phenomenon.

I admit I, too, was at first upset with said churches. I seem to have pretty much gotten over it.

Since we “gen-xers” cringe so quickly at the “We’ve never done it that way before” attitude portrayed by the established; I have been practicing catching myself with the same attitude. Isn’t hypocrisy fun?

Disdain for “megachurches” doing things differently seems to cut across generational boundaries. Here the lines are more fairly drawn at one’s connection with the established church.

Under the title of “Gen-X Rising” Rev. Thompson takes an establishment angle of attack on a decided non-traditional method of dealing with Christmas Day falling on a Sunday.

Is Gen-X really rising, or is it falling into the same habits and patterns of the generations gone before it?

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1 Response to Is “Gen-X” really rising?

  1. I can still remember the Christmas morning when I was in 4th or 5th grade when my Dad had to leave to do a Christmas morning worship service. I was so mad that “the church” was taking my dad away again… and on Christmas day!” Families are important and honoring them is important, and I have absolutely no problem with the megachurches decisions. Of course, I am not an incredibly bitter mainline church leader who thinks the megachurches have sold out Christianity. Maybe that’s the difference.

    BTW, you will get more comments on your site if you allow people who do not use blogger to post. I had to sign up for an account just to add this comment.

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