The Chrismasization of Commercialism

One of the latest complaints I’ve heard from American Christians is that our culture is dropping “Christmas” in favor of “Holiday.” It’s said that stores like Walmart and Target won’t even use the word anymore. I confess that I’m not terribly observant and haven’t noticed it in my area. I did try a search of for the word “Christmas” and Google tells me it occurs about 57,100 times. That’s a bunch. Target appears a little more heathenish – “Christmas” only occurs there about 33,700 times.

But then it wasn’t too long ago Christians were complaining about the commercialization of Christmas. We used to say, “Christmas is Jesus’ birthday, not a time to buy things.” If that’s our former complaint, would it be accurate to say that we’re now pining for the “Christmasization” of Commercialism?

Let’s face it. The world is the world. It’s not the church. Why ought we be surprised with they act like the world? If we finally note that they’re acting like the world, we’ll stop emulating them so frequently.

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