Denmark has an offical state church (of the Lutheran variety). One of their leaders (a custodian) decided years ago that he thought reinarnation was part of Christianity so he started teaching it. The other leaders in the church (pastor, bishop, etc) decided this was inappropriate and excommunicated him, in essence saying, “Reincarnation is not only not a Christian doctrine, but it is a teaching that doesn’t fit within Christian doctrine.” Well, the custodian took his case to Caesar’s courts and was unexcommunicated.

The lesson? When you take Caesar’s money (12% of the national church’s budget comes from the Caesar), Caesar gets a say in what you do and what you can’t do. The Christian tradition might value truth and faithfulness fo Jesus, but Caesar puts a higher value on niceness, lack of conflict and profit.

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  1. Joe says:

    Money, money, money… Thanks for your thoughts and reflections. I enjoy reading them.

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