Preparing for Rita

Blogging on this site has been pretty slow this week. First, I was busy preparing for Sunday’s Charge Conference. More recently I’ve been busy I’ve been busy preparing for Hurricane Rita. We’re 300 miles form the coast, so the major force of the hurricane will be expended before it gets here. Our challenge will be winds (up to 55 mph or more), tornados, and rain. Lots of rain. The models I’ve seen show Rita parking over NE Texas and potentially dumping 20-30 inches of rain. We’re in a drought here, so we need the rain, though if I had my way it’d come in smaller increments.

In the meantime, we prepare to host evacuees from the coastal areas. Our church is the number 3 shelter in town. Since Pittsburg is somewhat off the main highways, the State has not been directing people here yet. Instead we’re getting self-evacuees. If you’d like to follow the action in Pittsburg, check out my other blog, Pittsburg Cares.

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