Christian Prayer News from Gaza

What to think about the Israeli pull-out from Gaza? Is this a good thing for the Palestinians – or does it merely open the door for a war between the PLO and Hamas (and whoever else has a gun and strong opinions)? Is it a good thing for the Israelis (thinking the Palestinians will leave them alone and stop the constant bombings? I don’t see any sure-fire good news for either party in this. Good news is still a long way off and will require lots of work.

In the mean time, here’s a word from Brother Andrew (once upon a time known as God’s Smuggler) who just returned from Gaza:

Brother Andrew just returned from Gaza on Wednesday, August 17. Having talked first hand with our brethren, here’s how they ask us to pray:

  • Pray for the Gaza Baptist Church, the only evangelical church in Gaza. It has received threats from Muslim fundamentalists and is currently being guarded by armed security.
  • Please pray for protection for Pastor Hanna Massad and his family. Many Christians fear that there will soon be a civil war between Hamas and the PLO. This would leave our Christian brethren in the crossfire of bullets, literally.
  • Please pray for the ministries that Open Doors supports, including the Gaza Baptist Church, the Bible bookstore in Gaza, as well as the only public library, where Christian literature is readily available.
  • Pray for the ongoing outreach to Palestinians living in refugee camps, that by showing them God’s mercy we will gain an influence in their spiritual hearts.
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