Can we please reverse this equality?

Sandra “Beth” Geisel is merely the latest in a growing line. Another woman, Dawn Reiser, was convicted today in Fort Worth of similar indiscretions. Female teachers caught, accused, and convicted of sexual misbehavior with their male students.

It has been happening for years with male teachers; not a lot of them, but enough that it was newsworthy when an incident would come to light.

It seems to me that most of the stories making the news lately are of indiscretions by female teachers. I am quite sure this is not because men have quite misbehaving. I am alarmed that women seem, in this remarkable sense, to be becoming more like men.

It has been said that the maintenance of a society’s morality is dependent upon the women of that society. I offer this as no excuse whatsoever for the behavior of men.

Please, women, don’t become us. Society cannot handle it in this case.

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