Feed Store Update

I posted below about the fire at our youth building, the Feed Store. Here’s an update in Q & A format.

Question: I’ve heard some people asking about the wiring of the Feed Store. How was it done?

Answer. Tim, the trustees, and the church leadership wanted to have the best and safest environment for the youth, so a professional electrician rewired the building as part of the
renovation. The city inspector then inspected it. Everything passed.

Q: When will we know all the details?
A. The State Fire Marshals and the East Texas Arson & Explosive Task Force (which includes the ATF) were at the site yesterday. Their initial study indicates the likelihood of arson. They are continuing the investigation, as are our local police. The adjustor from our insurance company was out this morning and told us they would be doing their own investigation also. If you have any suspicions or information do not gossip about it but call the police and tell them.

Q: Arson? That’s horrible! What should we think?

A. Pray for the arsonist to repent and come to faith in Jesus. Pray for him/her to be frustrated in any further destructive or illegal intentions.

Q: Was the Feed Store covered by our insurance?

A. Yes, though after the loan is paid off (we still owe about $50,000 on the building) there likely won’t be enough left to rebuild to where we were.

Q: What happens next?
A. It’s too soon to say. We remain committed to reaching the youth of Pittsburg. In the interim we will use our remaining buildings for this ministry. Sunday night at 5 p.m. we will meet with the youth and talk about what lies ahead. Since they themselves put so much labor into the renovation effort, they are in mourning.

No building or rebuilding takes place without a charge conference meeting, and right now the trustees are fully engaged with the insurance company.

Q: What can each of us do next?
A. First, Pray. Pray for a fresh filling of the Holy Spirit. Pray for the youth, youth leaders, and others who are broken hearted after spending hundreds of hours working on the Feed Store.
Second, recognize that satan would like to use this as an opportunity to destroy us – don’t be surprised about that, that’s just what he does. Do not give the devil a foothold – through gossip, through blame, through attacking each other. Every time we do that satan wins.
Third, Offer yourself to the Lord. Say something like, “How can you use
me now, Lord?”

Q: Why did this happen to us?

A. We don’t know. Whatever the reason – if there is one – this is a time of testing for us. Our maturity in Christ, our character, our love for each other, our commitment to God’s mission and purposes, our faithfulness to the church – all these are being tested. I pray that we will stand firm in Christ through it all.

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1 Response to Feed Store Update

  1. I am confident God can use these circumstances to strenghten the Body of Christ in Pittsburg, and will pray to taht end.

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