Podcasting from Church Camp

I learned at the last minute that we’d be having workshops each day of camp. I happened to have my MP3 player/recorder with me, so I thought I’d do a workshop on podcasting. Had I ever done one before? Nope. Did I know how to get one online? Nope. But I figured it couldn’t be too difficult. I was surprised, however, when I learned that none of the kids (Senior High) knew what podcasting was – or had even heard of it. No matter – I plunged on ahead.

My suggestion to the kids was to let their creative juices flow. Through sharing a testimony, a short skit, an interview or an original song (who wants to mess with copyright issues?) they could get the Word out to the nations – well at least those who speak english. Apart from the technology, it would challenge the kids regarding their ability to articulate their faith. Even if this articulation only reached the level of asking or raising questions it would be a plus.

I discovered that a few of the kids were able to turn on their creativity pretty quick. Others couldn’t think of anything to do. What I did with these kids – and some others – turned out to work pretty well. I picked a subject I thought they’d know something about and interviewed them. It worked fine.

Each podcast works out to just a minute or two – with more planning and practice we could do more.

To listen to the results you can check in here:

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1 Response to Podcasting from Church Camp

  1. R. Luna says:

    I thought this was great! I loved your questions, Richard — helps get to the basics of sharing our faith.

    I also recognized some of the unidentified voices. Hearing some of my friends from camp brings back a lot of good memories.

    Definitely need to plan ahead and do this again. Go podcasting!

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