Curious Place

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While on our California trip, we stayed with some friends in Tiburon. We’d gotten the idea the community was an expensive place to live (real estate prices average well over a million – and this is for small houses on small lots). We learned, however, that Tiburon was originally for the families of laborers, while Belvedere was where the wealthy had their homes. As far as I could tell, except for the lower income set aside apartments, no one in my social class or below live here any more (I was told the longshoreman who live in the area make $120k a year). Our friends told us that the two questions asked when you meet someone are:
1. Where do you live?
2. Do you have a view?

They take views mighty seriously. (Here’s a link to their View Ordinance as it relates to trees.) Our friends told us that views are so important that you have to get your neighbor’s permission to do anything to your house – including changing from single pane to double pane windows. I asked if the views were valued primarily for the sake of the view or for that American god “property value.” Take your guess what the answer was.

Tiburon was a very nice place to visit, but I don’t think I’d fit in as a resident.

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