Return from the Pill Culture?

The irony overwhelms me. “Scientists” or “experts” or whoever comes up with these things have an astounding new discovery. Behavioral therapy can significantly reduce the need for medication for ADHD

Haven’t parents known for years that behavioral therapy has great affects on the behavior of kids?

For too many years we have been rolling headlong toward popping pills for just about everything. Perhaps this will herald a new day in medicine… a day when we don’t reach for the pill bottle first thing every morning and last thing at night.

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1 Response to Return from the Pill Culture?

  1. Richard H says:

    We don’t do pills in the UMC. We do “training.” We have canned training for most anything these days. If you want to do Disciple Bible Study or Christian Believer, you go to the Training. In our AC, all workers with children & youth have to be “trained” in the Safe Sanctuary policy. My “training” consisted of watching a video of two people reading the policy to me. Pills – training – all looks like a quick fix mentality to me.

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