Self-Examination Time

I just ran across the site of Dr. Malcolm Webber. It looks like he puts out a monthly “Leadership Letter,” available free. In this latest letter he contrasts Servant Leaders and Abusive Leaders. Take a look at what he says and see how you measure up. Here’s my own self assessment.
Servant Qualities:

  • Secure in Christ. I preach this over and over – and try to model it myself. I’ve seen many clues that suggest Webber is right to see this as foundational. Most of the staff conflict I’ve seen in churches is rooted in insecurity.
  • Is considerate and concerned for others. For the most part my heart is in the right place here, but I need to work harder at paying attention to what’s going on around me. My wife is much better at this than I am.
  • Studies the stress that others are under to help alleviate it if possible. I work on this, especially with my staff. I’ve noticed it can be quite tiring.
  • Willing to discuss his decisions and the reasons for them, unless circumstances do not allow. Being a rationalist (An INTP if that means anything to you), I highly value convincing people.
  • Tries to work with the initially uncooperative, seeing their positive potential. I may do this too much. SInce I’m assigned to be pastor of all the people, I may sometime empower people who need to be dis-empowered.
  • Trusting toward people; thinks the best. I’m somehwta on the edge here. I’m predisposed to trust people – I really like trusting them. But many times I’ve found that people don’t come through.
  • Communicates freely and openly. I work at this, trying to hold nothing back.
  • Responds to problems with prayer and investigation. This is my general approach, though sometimes when they start stacking up I respond instead with worry.
  • Responds to failure by taking personal responsibility. This is tough, but I’ve seen it pay many dividends.
  • Knows he must earn the support of his followers. I know this, but need to work harder at actually doing it. Building a supportive coalition is hard and long term work.
  • Welcomes appropriate accountability. I try to ask for feed back regularly.
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