Revenge of the Sith

Just back from seeing the movie (actually, just back from seeing the movie, putting kids to bed, trying to fix my email, fixing my email, then fixing what I messed up when I tried fixing my email). I’ve seen a few reviews that loved it and several that hated it. I recognize the acting wasn’t the best, but I enjoyed it anyway.

Considering it the context of the Star Wars Universe as a whole, here are a few observations:
1. Both the Sith and the Jedi are absolutists – and pay the price for their absolutism. The Sith are absolutists about power: they’ll do anything to get it and keep it. The Jedi are more complex, but absolutists nonetheless. The Jedi are absolutists when it comes to attachment. Attachment is bad. Attachment leads to loss, suffering, fear, etc. Thus the Jedi have to quench all their desires and emotions (and fail miserably). Anakin’s desire to be a good Jedi – and to do good – causes the conflict between his love for Padme and his Jedi ideals. Deception is the only answer. The Jedi are so attached to their form of democracy – the Senate led by the Chancellor, that they become generals in the war effort, corrupting their Jedi-ness. I think the best word for both the Sith and the Jedi is – “Get a life!” Going beyond the movies into the literature, Luke Skywalker truly brings balance to the force by not deny attachment – he marries and has a son.

2. Everyone believes too strongly in DESTINY. “It’s your DESTINY,” everyone is always telling Anakin. because he thinks destiny is written in stone – he believes his visions to be inevitable, ignoring the role he plays in making them real.

That’s enough for tonight. I may have more to say tomorrow.

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