May I convert you?

Last night at Bible Study, I told the 15 or so in attendance that one of my goals on Wednesday nights is to convert them. No, I didn’t mean I think they are unbelievers in need of salvation. What I want to convert them to is seeing and understanding the gospel and the scriptures the way I do.

Does that seem arrogant? I don’t think so. Let me explain.

One’s understanding of the gospel and of scripture influence all of one’s life. Some may say it is the other way around; I contend that in such a case it merely means that one has a weak understanding of the Gospel. For a Christian, the gospel, and hence scripture, is the most fundamental point of reference. Since this is where we start as Christians, it is important for us to be as clear as possible about the meaning of the gospel and our understanding of scripture.

This is exactly why I am out to convert you. I have worked hard to understand the gospel and the various ways it influences my life and the way I see and understand the world around me. I continue to do so. I hope and pray you do, also. In fact, I hope you feel strongly enough about your relationship with God and how you understand the gospel that you will try to convert me. I have no doubt there are areas in my life that could benefit from such conversion.

Our understanding of things religious is not unlike positions we take on other matters. For example, if I am satisfied and happy with my Dell computer, I will more than likely share that someone who might be computer shopping. I won’t despise them or end a friendship with them if they buy a Compaq. If I am very satisfied with my Dell, however, I will do what I can to convince others, to convert them. If someone needs a computer for the same things for which I use mine, and I am pleased with my Dell, then so would they be. The same would be true of a make of car, appliance, or clothing line.

Is not our relationship with God even more significant than what computer we use or what label is on our clothing? Do you feel strongly enough about your relationship with God to recommend the same to someone else?

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