New Pope

Listening to the live feed from Rome, it sounds like the Pope is Joseph Ratzinger. The feed must have heavy demand, so it keeps cutting out.

UPDATE: The Washington Post’s article reports the opinion of an American Catholic:

The Rev. Richard P. McBrien, a theologian at the University of Notre Dame, said Ratzinger’s homily indicated that he believes the pope’s role is to “protect the sheep from the prowling wolves of unorthodoxy and relativism. He wants to defend the fact that truth is absolute and the church must speak the truth and be faithful to it.”

Sounds ok to me, though from what the Post says McBrien is less than is less than excited.

I first ran across Ratzinger while doing my doctoral work. One of my teachers, Miroslav Volf, used quite a bit of Ratzinger’s work in his own research on Christian community. I’d guess the connection has something to do with both of them being Tübingen people.

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