Back from 2 Days without Children

We have three great children. I enjoy being with them and doing things with them. But it also necessary to have some times away from them, just with my wife. Each year at this time (close to out anniversary, and at a slow church time), we try to take a couple of days off and go somewhere. We don’t usually do anything fancy or expensive. In years past we’ve gone to places like Goliad, Austin, Natchitoches, Shreveport, and Tyler. This year we went to Dallas.

The main reason we picked Dallas this year was because they had some restaurants we don’t have where we now live. Our favorite non-local place is Fadi’s. I haven’t eaten at many Mediterranean restaurants (due to lack of availability, not lack of desire), but Fadi’s is awesome. Our favorite dish there is eggplant. When we lived near a Fadi’s in Houston, I once ordered the vegetarian sampler. I couldn’t believe that the tasty dark mass on the plate turned out to be eggplant. I’d never in my life had eggplant I liked (though I had had some worthy of toleration). Fadi’s hummus is also the best I’ve had. Fadi’s also has many meat dishes, though I have less experience with them. I’ve liked the vegetables so much, that I couldn’t bring myself to not order the sampler.

Another stop on our trip this year was the Dallas Arboretum. The weather was beautiful and we like to walk (and after all the eating we needed some exercise), so off to the park. As far as variety of trees goes, the Dallas Arboretum is well behind others we’ve been to – the LA Arboretum has the greatest variety; even Zilker Park in Austin seemed to have more. Dallas seems to specialize more in flowers (though this is not the ideal time of year for flowers). They also seem to be developing their collection and to have much work ahead of them. The highlight of our visit (other than walking and enjoying the out-of-doors) was the display of Nativity scenes in the DeGolyer house. The display featured over 500 from all over the world.

As a city, Dallas continues to leave me unimpressed. There is obviously great wealth there. There are also many large churches. But the city as a whole seems dingy and morally decayed. But then maybe the men’s clubs just advertise more there than in other cities.

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