Video gaming life

I guess this is a safe place to admit I play video games. I have since they came out in the late 70’s. I used to pop quarters into machines just to see how long I could keep playing. I was never very good at any of them, but I have kept playing anyway.

Video gaming has come a long way since “pong” hit the scene. Now single games span disks and offer graphics so lifelike they look almost real. One thing, though, that hadn’t changed about video games until recently is their linear nature. This means that one thing has to happen before another can. It means also that the order and direction of the game is decided by the maker of the game rather than by the player.

There are games out now that are non-linear in nature. In other words, the player has some freedom to choose the order in which “missions” or “tasks” are accomplished. In some games, the player doesn’t even have to try to accomplish anything if he or she doesn’t want to.

Life, after all, is not linear. Things happen that don’t seem to follow from what happened before. In life we also have the choice of whether or not we want to go from task to task, and even whether we want to pursue tasks at all. Games are becoming more life-like.

We like to believe that our lives are lived linearly. We look at the world as a set of directly and necessarily connected events, each setting up the next. Our lives are shaken, then, when things happen to challenge that way of seeing the world. And such things will happen.

What are we to do if the way we understand the world is shaken? We do well to realize that the order and direction of life is not up to us; but up to the Maker. He knows where this thing called life is going. Trust Him.

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