Unconstitutional to Affirm Doctrine

At General Conference last spring, a resolution was passed which concluded:

Therefore, be it resolved, that the 2004 General Conference affirms its commitment to the basic doctrines of the Christian faith as taught in Scripture and in The United Methodist Articles of Religion and in the sermons of John Wesley.

The Judicial Council has just declared this resolution to be unconsitutional. They reason:

Unlike Restrictive Rules I, II, and V and the Plan of Union of The United Methodist Church, ¶102 of the 2000 Discipline is historical in nature and not intended to be prescriptive. Paragraph 102 is not applicable to the 2004 General Conference action on Calendar Item 1514, as adopted, with respect to the Doctrinal Standards of The United Methodist Church. Although resolutions are not church law and are without legal effect, Calendar Item 1514, as adopted, violates Restrictive Rules I, II, and V. Therefore it was improperly before the 2004 General Conference.

It looks like another roadblock in the quest for doctrinal clarity.

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